Terms & Conditions

Here you will find all the documentation regarding terms of condition, payment & refund policy, Order submission policy and other agreements. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

1. Our End User Agreement.

The our end user agreement is set out below.
Please ensure that you have read the entire agreement carefully before accepting it by clicking "yes" where provided below.
By clicking on "i agree" below, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the our service end user agreement and end user software license agreement and you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by and comply with all terms, conditions and notices contained in or referenced by these agreements, and that you have the authority to do so. If you do not agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these agreements, click on "i disagree" below.
This agreement does not affect your statutory rights that may not be modified by contract, to the extent such modification is specifically prohibited by applicable law.
- Information about Our and the Our Services or any related product or service, You can't forward it unless and until the authority of the Our.
- All brand names, mobile phone names eg, nokia, blackberry, sony ericsson etc are linked to there respective brands owners, and we are in no connection connected with them, in any case or what so ever . Names only been used as educational purpose only.
- All services mentioned on web site are based on speculation, however in any case or what so ever, delay happens Our would not be held liable.
- We don't guarantee that 100% your phone get unlocked using our service, as some times if phone is been tried before and its counter get locked, our provided code will not work and we don't offer refunds as suppliers been paid accordingly, so plz make sure before you buy our services.
- We take our work very seriously, in any part we found that any content of Our is been used, strict measures be taken against it.

2. Acceptance of Terms.

You consent to use an electronic agreement to govern Your use of the agreement. You expressly consent to receiving all notices hereunder in electronic form, provided however this consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting Our at the address set forth above (though, in some situations, Our may have no other means of providing notices to You, so termination of Your account may result from a request from You not to receive notices in electronic form).
The parties expressly agree that all performance under this Agreement and the resolution of disputes shall be conducted in the English language. If a translation of this Agreement into any other language is required by law, the English version will prevail to the extent that there is any conflict or discrepancy in meaning between the English version and any translation thereof we should not held liable in any case whatsoever.
All Third Party Services offered for use with the Our are provided to You through Your third party service provider(s) and shall be subject to Your agreement with such third party service provider(s). Except to the extent specifically prohibited by applicable law in your jurisdiction, our shall have no liability whatsoever to you or any third party claiming by or through you, for any issue relating to the third party services, linked sites, other sites or third party information, including without limitation, the accuracy, timeliness or continued availability of such third party services or the continued interoperability of the third party services.
Any dealings with third parties conducted through us, the Third Party Services, Linked Sites or Other Sites, including the delivery of and the payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between You and the third party. Our shall not be responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings.If you disagree in any content, you should leave the site immediately.

3. Acceptable Use Policy.

We provide all kinds of cell phone unlocking Codes, Factory Unlock Codes, Factory Unlock, NCK codes, Sim Locks, Gsm devices activations/credits.

e.g.  iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei, etc & more.

Credits & Activations of z3x pro, ATF, Chimera tools, Sigma Box/Sigma Key, SE Tool / LG Tool etc and more.

 3.1. You must use all service by add funding.

3.2. You will eligible to submit your orders by self but you are unable to cancel any orders by self. Because, order cancellation not possible in our server.

3.3. We provide official unlocking services which is not void warranty. IMEI Source will have no liability in case warranty is voided.

3.4. We provide only unlocking codes/sim lock services. IMEI Source will have no liability for any kinds of activation.

3.5. Not to violate the laws, regulations, ordinances or other such requirements of any applicable Federal, State or local government.

4. Account Registration Agreement.

4.1. You are only allowed to have one Account at IMEI Source.

4.2. You attest that you are of legal age (18 or over) to enter into this Agreement.

4.3. You must register with a valid email address.

4.4. Registration fields will be locked after registration completed such as (Username, Email, First Name, and Last Name).

Above 4 fields are not editable after registration completed. If required any changes profile locked fields, you must request us with valuable reason. Ownership verification required.

4.5. Register with correct information. 

If you have registered with wrong information, the account may suspend/block/close (Delete) without any notice. No effect if available funds in your account.

5. Service pricing.


6. Order Submission, Delay & Cancellation.

6.1. All orders processing only business working days (Monday to Friday).

6.2. IMEI Source will have no liability if wrong IMEI, wrong carrier, unlocked IMEI.  Wrong IMEI, wrong carrier, unlocked imei submissions will be replied as Unlocked/Done, credits deducted from your account, no refund in case of this.

6.3. Orders will not process in case of orders submissions incorrect as service description requirements failed. Orders will be rejected without reason.

 6.4. If detected unverified/unauthorized payments, orders will be rejected without reason. You must Submit Ticket in case of this.

6.5. Orders submission day is not countable if service delivery time longer than 48 Hours. However, if service delivery time is less than 48 Hours, submission day is countable.

6.6. If any services delay by our source with any reason, orders cancellation not possible anyway.

6.7. API services orders cancellation not possible anyway until source reply. Most of services connected with api.

6.8. Unfortunately, orders cancellation not possible if order status shown 'In Process' Or 'Success'. However, you can request for cancel orders if Order status shown 'Waiting Action'.

7. Customer Support.

7.1. IMEI Source provides customer support to you at no additional fee for issues related to IMEI Source services only.

7.2. You must request customer support only by opening Ticket System, Live Chat & Official Support Forum. IMEI Source will have no liability to provide customer support if it is requested in any other way apart from the Ticket System, Live Chat & Official Forum.

7.3. Your conversation must be written in English.

7.4. You must provide IMEI Source with all information and access to facilities that IMEI Source may reasonably require providing the requested customer support & allow up 6-24h Hours to agent reply.

8. Acceptable Payment, Currency & Fees.

All add funds will be deposited in your IMEISource.com account. All add funds credits are only for using our service.

8.1. Acceptable payment methods:

PayPal Mass Pay/Gift
Western Money transfer
Bank/Wire Transfer

8.2. Read before payments:
8.2.1. PayPal payment accepts through verified PayPal account only. Taxes are exclusive.
8.2.2. Currently we accept USD (Us Dollar) currency only.
8.2.3. We are unable to accept any unverified/unauthorized payments anyway. You must payment through a valid verified PayPal account. Use '+Add Fund' button to deposit fund via paypal. It will auto add fund to your account. Payment verification may required.

We are unable to accept Debit/Credit card right now. However, if you are a old member of IMEI Source we will investigate your account and may consider in case of.

PayPal payments with buyer must pay the transaction tax.

- Follow PayPal Payment method

PayPal Mass pay/Gift payments with buyer must pay the fee of payment.

- Follow PayPal Pass pay/Gift Payment method

bKash payments only for local payments. Buyer must pay the bKash fee 1.85% of payment.

- Follow bKash Payment method

MoneyGram payment method use carefully by using '+Add Fund' after logged. You will see our MoneyGram address as well in your invoice. Please Contact Us before payment to ensure our MoneyGram payment address.

Follow MoneyGram Payment method

Western Money transfer use carefully by using '+Add Fund' after logged. You will see our Western Money Transfer address as well in your invoice. Please Contact Us before Western Money Transfer payment to ensure our Western Money Transfer payment address.

- Follow Western Money Transfer Payment method

Bank/Wire Transfer use carefully by using '+Add Fund' after logged. You will see our Bank information as well in your invoice. Please Contact Us before payment to ensure our Bank payment address.

- Follow Bank/Wire Transfer Payment method

9. Refund Policy.

IMEI Source allows refunding the PayPal payments. Refund fee 0.30$ with each transaction will be not refundable.

9.1. Typically, auto refunding system available at IMEI Source, such as once reject your orders means credits will be refunded at your IMEI Source account.

9.2. Refund available by PayPal deposited funds. Refund fee will be applied.

9.3. No refund by PayPal mass pay/Gift deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

9.4. No refund byMoneyGram Transfer, Bank Transfer & Western Money Transfer deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

9.5. No refund by bKash deposited funds. You must use credits with services.

9.6. No refund in case of any service delay.

9.7. No refund in case of wrong imei submission/wrong carrier/bad request submission.

9.8. No refund with any kinds of calculated services if wrong codes supplied by our source. Includes services: Samsung Factory codes, HTC Factory codes, LG Factory codes, Huawei Factory Codes, ZTE Factory Codes, SonyEricsson Factory Codes, Motorola Factory Codes, Alcatel Factory Codes, Blackberry Factory Codes, Nokia ls3 lbf & Any Generic, NCK unlock code.

9.9. You must submit a Ticket for refund by clicking Submit Ticket & Select 'Billing' department to continue (You must login with your account & submit ticket. You must mention the Invoice No at ticket) & you must allow up to 1-3 working days to process your query.

10. Credits Use Policy.

10.1. You are unable to transfer/sale your IMEISource.com account credits to your friends/other accounts.

11. Account, Security & Ownership.

11.1. Account username should not be changeable.

11.2. You must fill up your profile as completed.

11.3. You must use your account yourself & change your password twice ever week if possible (For security reason).

11.4. Make sure you don’t save your password at your browser.

11.5. You must secret API key once generated.

11.6. You must provide the ownership information such as registered email, first name, last name, forgot password modification & other purpose.

12. Newsletter & Subscription.

12.1. Get our newsletter by submitting your email. See our newsletter form scroll down of end with any pages. If you are interested unsubscribe your email with from IMEI Source, simply send an email to (support@imeisource.com) & says 'Please unsubscribed my email'. Our support team will unsubscribe your email from newsletter.

12.2. For IMEI Source registered user: Once you have registered at IMEI Source, our system atomically subscribed your registered email & you can unsubscribe newsletter at any time (Required account closing).

13. Dispute, Charge Back & Solutions.

13.1. You must contact us before opening dispute.  IMEI Source will have no liability in case if you open dispute.

3.2. If Charge back after completed/delivered orders will be Re-Locked without any warnings. Will have cheater listed at IMEI Source Forum

3.3. If any amount is due at IMEI Source, it will be payable else delivered services will be Re-Locked. Will have cheater listed at IMEI Source Forum

3.4. Once your imei is Re-Locked by IMEI Source & if you want to re-unlock it, triple amount charge will be applied instead of first unlocked amount.

3.5. IMEI Source always tries to resolve your issue privately by opening Ticket Support, Live Chat & Official Support Forum. We recommended you that immediate contact support for help in case of any critical issue. You must allow up to 6 to 24 Hours to support respond.

14. Additional Reservation of Rights.

14.1. We are right to access your account at anytime without any notice to you *If required.

14.2. Account will be suspended if you spam. e.g. you submitted same orders often, unnecessary clicking order verify button, spam at Ticket & Forum.

14.3. Account may suspend if you registered your account with false information or invalid email.

14.4. Account may suspend if multiple account detected. Other account with will effect this action. No effect if available funds in your account.

14.5. Account may suspend If your email address is invalid/incorrect/our systems tried to delivered mail to your registered email, the account will be closed (Delete) without notice. If closed (Delete), you will able to create new account with following tos. No effect if available funds in your account.

14.6. Account may suspend if you tried to access (Login) many times, our system will be suspended your account automatically.

14.7. Account may suspend if you open PayPal dispute (useless) or charge back after completed orders.

14.8. Account may suspend if any due amount at IMEI Source & that is unpaid.

14.9. Account may suspend if we are not interested deals with you.

14.10. Account may suspend if you are not agreed our tos (Terms of Service).

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